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The Master Program in Information Systems aims to train professionals capable of:

(i) Understanding the role of information and information systems and technology (IST) in organizations and society;

(ii) Explaining the technological, organizational, political, social and cultural reasons for the success of IST adoption and management;

(iii) Diagnosing problems associated with the use of IST;

(iv) Designing IST solutions to solve organizational or societal problems and seizing opportunities arising from changing markets and society.

Thus, the graduate in Information Systems should be able to perform organizational activities such as:

(i) To help to define the technological infrastructure to support business strategy;

(ii) To participate in innovation processes and organizational change where IST play a central role;

(iii) To manage organization’s IST to ensure the support of the implemented business model taking into account the business goals and constraints.

Please, note that all classes are taught in Portuguese.

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